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One word: simplicity

How It Works

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time borrower or a seasoned professional. We help streamline the funding process into four key steps to make it quick and easy.

Here’s how our Bridge 3.0™ process technology works:

  1. Pre-qualification
    1. Fill out a 1003 form and send us your tax return for the last 2 years, a bank statement, current paystub and an asset statement.
  2. Property scan
    1. Our on-line software includes proprietary analytic tools which allow you to find, assess and value your ideal property.
  3. Purchase
    1. After making your deposit, together we attend the auction, bid and win your property.
    2. You sign the documents and pay interest on the loan until you sell or refinance your property.
  4. Pay off
    1. You payoff your loan when you sell the property or
      refinance it.

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