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One word: simplicity


Trading information about distressed properties has been inadequate, unclear or unavailable in the past. This deficiency created increased confusion and resistance to market participation by potential borrowers, investors and real estate partners.

We believe that opportunity should be made easy. That’s why we created Fairplay Funding. Originally founded as Oregon Funding Group and Investment Capital Group, our business has grown to encompass residential bridge loans for foreclosures and distressed sales. When you work with us, you’ll receive individualized training, with one-on-one coaching in select locations and usage of our customized Web-based software in others. Plus, you’ll have exclusive access to our proprietary Bridge 3.0™ process technology, which relies on four key steps:

  1. Pre-qualification. This includes disclosures, credit approval and documentation.
  2. Property scan. You’ll have access to our analytic tools to find your ideal property.
  3. Purchase. We attend the auction with you and provide the necessary funding.
  4. Pay off. You can payoff your loan when you sell or refinance.

Our transactions are quick, transparent and hassle-free, giving you the freedom to pursue one opportunity after another.

Call (855) 418-9352 to get started.